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The Boyle Curriculum
The morning lessons had gone badly. Somehow our topic on ‘families’ had been side-tracked by little Tony Docherty who claimed that his older brother was a hijacker, which had made some of the other children cry. I knew full well that Tony Docherty’s older brother was in fact a steeplejack, and tried to get things under control by asking if anyone in the class could tell me what a chimney was for, but the children had just looked at me blankly. I’m ashamed to say that I deducted 76 house points for their ignorance, and from there the lesson degenerated into squabbling and name-calling. I think we all said things we regretted.  
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'Fit to rub shoulders with the likes of [Richard] Brautigan... a tremendous collection which sets the bar extremely high.'

Forty two short, swift, crowd-pleasing stories... The Exploding Boy is full of little pleasure-bursts. Impertinent. Unlikely. And astonishing.'
Ian Sansom, The Guardian 

'I bloody LOVE these stories: short, clever, oblique. Just what the form is for.'
John Mitchinson, QI.

'Creepily brilliant.'
The Mail on Sunday 

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I've got a new story up as part of a project called Throwaway Lines: 'Ella does some remembering'.

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By night
Nick Parker writes his tiny tales, at an excruciatingly slow pace.

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He is a creative director of the language consultancy The Writer.

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His words have appeared everywhere from the Guardian and the Independent, to the Literary Review, Director magazine, and BBC Radio 4.

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He was once a repairer of electric doors, a cartoonist for Viz, and the deputy editor of The Oldie magazine. He wrote a book all about toast, which Waterstone's described as a 'cult hit'.

He lives on the outskirts of town.

Follow him on twitter: @nickparker.


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